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I am experienced

In 2008 I went abroad to study design in Florence, Italy. For a year I observed and studied design across Europe. I returned stateside with a drive to expose myself to new experiences and challenges. I found my career in start up companies. The responsibilities as a lead designer allowed me to apply my skills to many different tasks. As a result I have learned to become a versatile designer with skills to drive a business.

I have a process

I have studied graphic design for 5 years and have learned a creative process that is both structured and organic to meet client’s needs from concept to implementation. This process has fueled my creativity and budgeted projects to meet deadlines. My creativity comes from my experiences and research. This process allows me to focus those ideas into creative solutions that are both innovative and functional.

I am Pietro

I take my name from my travels through Italy. Professional experience have built my skills. My portfolio shows my success in helping businesses grow. And together have formed my personality. I am Peter Fenger and I am a graphic designer. I use my skills and creativity to build solutions.

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